Providing Local Market Research for Large Tech Company

Empowering a large tech client to understand the landscape of dozens of markets across the country and enabling effective collaboration with city governments and local communities



A large tech company was interested into expanding to dozens of markets across the country in a way that would mutually benefit the communities they would be serving. Knowing that success would only come with productive collaboration with community leaders, their goal was to understand, at a granular level, the needs and challenges each city faced and how those issues could be addressed. Based on our local presence in cities across the country, and the depth and breadth of our research capabilities, this company turned to us for support.


  • Conducted hyper-local research and analysis of each market to fully understand the socio-economic landscape, including the critical needs of underserved communities, as well as the subtleties that make each market unique

  • Produced briefing materials that empower our client’s staff to hold productive, well informed dialogues with community leaders and other local stakeholders

  • Helped our client develop partnerships based on the insights uncovered in our research and our client’s discussions


With our guidance, our client improved their engagement with local stakeholders, leading to stronger relationships. The research we conducted quickly informed our client about challenges in the communities within each market, resulting in productive conversations that explored those issues and policy matters that were top of mind for decision makers. Our work also empowered the client to form more effective social partnerships with local organizations and initiatives tailored to the specific needs of a given market.


The client

  • Leading tech company 

Their communities

  • Underserved and under-resourced populations and neighborhoods