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Rory Campbell

Research — Brooklyn

Rory has a critical understanding of the intersection of corporate influence and societal needs, and advises leaders in the tech, financial, and retail industries on how to marry the two for mutual benefit.


As a Research Associate for the Democratic Party both in Washington, D.C. and Ohio on key battleground U.S. Senate races, Rory conducted campaign research and messaging and prepped candidates for debates. He also has experience in academia, working as a graduate assistant in the University of Akron’s political science department, where he mentored his fellow graduate and undergraduate students in quantitative analysis and research methods.

His campaign experience and expertise in qualitative research and quantitative analysis led to an opportunity to be one of the first Ichor employees in 2015.

Outside of work

He is a nature-lover and enjoys hiking trips in the Adirondacks. Rory both spoke and read his first words on the very same day when he was two years old—nothing had impressed him enough before that day to either speak or read about.