Positioning a Global Payment Technology Company’s Social Impact Subsidiary for Success in the United States

Helping a tech company engage influencers in local communities to ensure its approach to inclusive growth was properly aligned with the unique needs and challenges of U.S. cities



Our client sought to take their successful model of advancing inclusive growth in the developing world and apply it to more developed economies, including the United States. In order to do so effectively, our client needed to better understand the barriers to inclusive growth in the U.S. and identify the best ways to leverage their existing assets to make an impact.


  • Designed and managed a multi-city “listening tour” across multiple cities to engage more than 100 local influencers – civic leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, residents, and subject matter experts – through roundtable discussions and public panel events

  • Drove awareness and participation through various communications and thought leadership activities, including digital and social media

  • Captured and synthesized insights to uncover recurring issues and pain points at the community level

  • Supported the development of a final report outlining key findings and next steps

  • Leveraged learnings from the tour and other internal and external engagement to help our client develop their U.S.-specific inclusive growth strategy


With deeper community partnerships and a more informed strategy in place, our client was able to sharpen their impact programs geared towards underserved and under-resourced populations in the U.S.


The client

  • Global payment technology company 

Their communities

  • City governments, civic organizations, private sector clients, and community residents

  • Underserved and under-resourced populations and neighborhoods