Our approach


We start with the public

Ichor Strategies helps you create the relationships that matter — which is why our approach starts with the public, not politicians or politics.

Embedded in cities across the country, our team acts as the eyes and ears of real people, to help you hear their voices and see their vision. Drawing upon our network of deep relationships within urban communities across the country, we leverage our unique qualitative and quantitative research methods to uncover critical – and actionable – insights.

Equipped with this essential know-how, you can start planning, take action, and create transformative partnerships that lead to real business results: smarter decisions, stronger brands, and better returns – all while improving the communities where you are.

When it comes to achieving your business strategies, thinking community-first opens up incredible opportunities.

And we’re here to make sure that it does.


What we do


Community Intelligence & Action

Make smarter strategic decisions with our expert research so you can better understand  the communities where you’re working – and the key stakeholders you should be working with.


Crisis Prevention & Management

When it comes to identifying and alleviating potential challenges, or navigating crises as they happen and in their aftermath, we’re ready to help.


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Whether looking to update your DEI policies or recruit and retain an inclusive talent pool, we know how to make a meaningful impact.


Research & Analytics

Our research is tailored to precisely meet your needs and our analytics are designed to find insightful patterns. Whether you’re looking to monitor a specific situation, gain detailed socioeconomic and political information on your customers and community, or find meaningful patterns in public and industry data, we’ve got you covered.