Copy of Neeha Mian

Neeha Mian

Community Engagement — Chicago

Neeha has experience and passion for community engagement, as well as a wide breadth of knowledge about nonprofits and government.


She has held advocacy positions with Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes, the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research & Preservation, and the Long Island Health Collaborative, where she learned the importance of engaging with communities in a thoughtful and intentional manner. She played a key role in these groups’ community outreach initiatives, including creating materials for voter registration, developing programs for youth participants, and researching local food insecurity.

As an active participant in several advocacy groups, she provides invaluable insight about this sector to Ichor’s Chicago office. 

Outside of work

She enjoys playing the clarinet with the Lakeside Pride Symphonic Band and baking treats for friends and family.