Copy of Marcela De Montis

Marcela De Montis

client Engagement — Brooklyn

Marcela is an expert in community relations, nonprofit strategic planning and fundraising, and corporate partnerships and investments.


She created and managed the nonprofit Keep a Child Alive’s corporate and foundation relationships program, where she was instrumental in increasing corporate funding by 20% over the course of just one year. Marcela has also worked for the New York City Council, where she managed relations with community stakeholders, and has lent her consulting expertise to several nonprofit organizations around the globe. She also spearheaded investment projects for the Panama-based Overseas Investment Banking Alliance.

Her extensive relationships with corporations, nonprofits, and community stakeholders opened the door to joining Ichor in 2017.

Outside of work

She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys spending quality time with her family in Nicaragua each year.  She is a Soul Cycle™ enthusiast and devotee.